• Dean Dry Vacuum System DV5 | 1-5 User
  • Variable user technology
    Our system adjusts to meet the demands of an ever-changing office. Throughout the day, this revolutionary equipment senses the number of users and adapts to the HVEs/SVEs in use at any one time. Designed to last longer Since this technology doesn’t use belts or oil, it requires minimal maintenance. The direct driven, one moving part vacuum motor is built to last up to 20,000 operating hours without maintenance. This translates to approximately ten years before support is required. No other manufacturer can match that.
  • Reduced maintenance
    Keep your system running at peak performance with a quick annual maintenance checkup by your trusted dealer service technician. This includes a filter and check valve replacement as well as an overall operational inspection of the unit.
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
    Space is always at a premium in dental offices. Our vacuum has the smallest footprint in the industry. Plus, it can be stacked on our uniquely  designed compressor to save even more space. While others say mechanical room, we promote the mechanical closet.
  • Amalgam separation systems
    Mercury from dental offices contributes significantly to the overall mercury contamination in wastewater. Our vacuum system is designed
    to work well with any amalgam separation system. Ask your dealer about a system that may be best for you. Best warranty in the business
    With a five-year, 10,000 hour warranty, you can focus on your patients, not your equipment.

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Dean Dry Vacuum System DV5 | 1-5 User