• ProphEase Disposable Prophy Angle


AllPro's ProphEase™ disposable prophy angles with non-latex prophy cups are bent so your wrist won't have to.  ProphEase™ reduces muscle fatigue caused by awkward wrist positions.  Our new ergonomic design and compact head is an unbeatable combination that gives you better access to the back of the patient's mouth.  A superior, comfortable angle that comes complete with a non-latex prophy cup.  Individually wrapped. 

AllPro's ProphEase™ disposable prophy angles are available in dispenser boxes of 100 or 500.  The price for a dispenser box of 100 is $50.00  500 disposable prophy angles in a refill box of 500 is $227.00.


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ProphEase Disposable Prophy Angle

  • Brand: AllPro
  • Product Code: AP 700
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $47.00

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