• Toppen DolfinPods

40/Tablets with Sprayer

EPA registered Surface Disinfectant. DolfinPods kill a broad spectrum of organisms quickly and safely.
HOCL is the active ingredient which is said to be 80-120 times more powerful than bleach. One box
contains 40 Pods (tablets), this equates to 40 bottles of disinfectant for your office. Stock up and reduce
shelf space needed when your office uses DolfinPods! Shelf life is 3 years in the box.
See IFU’s for more detail


When your DolfinPod solution is out, simply refill your misting bottle with water, drop a tablet in the
bottle, and your DolfinPod Surface Disinfectant is ready to use (and EPA approved).

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Toppen DolfinPods

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