About Us

Our Company History

Over 20 years ago Allstar Dental Inc. began repairing dental operatory equipment. Our technicians are fully trained with years of experience in the onsite repair of dental office equipment. Our goal is to repair it right the first time.   Our company stands behinds its repairs and offers warranty considerations as warranted.  Our first priority is to keep your existing equipment running like new.  We will make preventive maintenance recommendations to keep your equipment running problem free longer. We will make recommendations to empower our customers to make educated decisions when deciding whether it makes more sense to repair or replace dental office equipment.

Through the years we have grown as also a supplier of both large and small dental equipment, dental office supplies, and performs handpiece repairs.

What Makes Us Different

Allstar Dental Inc. is a uniquely full service dental service company.  Allstar Dental Inc. keeps up with change.  The dental industry is constantly changing, often incorporating modern technology in dental offices.  Allstar Dental Inc.  can help dental offices transition bringing the new technologies into their offices.

We offer quality brand name dental equipment including but not limited to  Belmont, Scican, Tuttnauer, and Midmark at competitive pricing.  We will not sell you equipment you do not need.  We will work with you to find solutions to dental office problems.  We take the time to offer customized options to best suit your needs and your budget.  We stock equipment so that you office does not need to be down.  Competitively priced vacuum pumps, compressors, sterilizers, and x-rays are ALWAYS in stock.

We offer a full line of dental office supplies.  We carry all of the major popular brands and offer them at competitive pricing.  Orders can be placed conveniently online at www.shopallstardental.com There you can browse most of but not everything that we offer.  If you don’t see what you want, just call us at 847.229.9700 and we will try to get it for you.

We make it easy!  We provide the shipping box and label to send your broken handpiece to us.  Your handpiece will be repaired and returned to you in a reusable shipping box for the next time.  Not sure whether to repair or replace your handpiece?  Just send it in and we will send you a quote.  You authorize the repair or decline.

What do We Warranty & Repair?

Allstar Dental Inc. honors all manufacturer warranties for the equipment we sell. Limited labor warranty may also apply under some circumstances.  Purchase your equipment at Allstar Dental Inc. and we will stand behind it. Allstar can install and service your equipment purchases and be there if and when you need us after the purchase.

Avoid the complications of purchasing equipment from a single service dealer or online dealer and having to engage yet another company for equipment maintenance and servicing needs down the road.  Manufacturers and online dealers are not who you will need to call for any future repairs.  We will work with you to complete repairs in a timely and efficient manner at a time that is least disruptive to your office running smoothly.

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