PHOT-xII DC intraoral X-ray systems produce sharp radiographic images, while minimizing patient exposure to radiation. Superb periapical radiographic images, aesthetically designed appearance and ease of use makes PHOT-xII a natural choice for any dental operatory.

Standard Features:

  • Compact microprocessor control module with kV, mA, patient type, tooth type, cone type, film speed, exposure time and digital-ready selection switches
  • Compatible with most digital radiographic systems
  • Variable setting 60-70kV, 4-7mA system
  • 0.7mm x 0.7mm focal spot
  • 0.01-3.2 second exposure time
  • 8” Cone length
  • 31.5” Horizontal arm
  • Wall mounting plate
  • UL listed

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Belmont PHOTO-X II Intra Oral X-ray

  • Brand: Belmont
  • Product Code: PHOTO
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