• Miele G 7881 General Dentistery Package - Stainless Steel Washer-Disinfector

General Dentistry Pkg - G 7881SS with O 190, U 874, E 379, (3) E 523

G 7881 Stainless Steel

Key features

Large capacity undercounter washer-disinfector with short program durations for processing instruments in dental offices and surgeries


23.5 inch wide

External finish

Stainless steel (AE)


MULTITRONIC NOVO MED 45 controls with 5 standard cleaning and
disinfecting programs
Program selection via rotary dial. Display for temperature / program duration, optical and acoustic signals at end of program. Adjustable program parameter and one custom program, programmable via Miele Service.

Process documentation

Serial interface (RS232) for process documentation via Miele PRT 100 printer or Segosoft process documentation software

Standard features

4-fold filter system with flat filter, coarse filter, glass shard filter and micro-fine filter
Double skinned construction with insulation for low noise emissions
Flow meter counter for control of water intake
Electric door lock
Program failure check
Visual and audible signal at program end
2 spare sensors for temperature monitoring and control
Sensor port for easy positioning of probes in wash cabinet for

Cleaning technology

Hygienic freshwater system with water change after each cleaning phase
Thorough cleaning via 2 spray arms (3rd spray arm in the upper basket)
Optimally allocated spray nozzles and selectable spray arm rotation for the best possible cleaning result
Injector system for thorough cleaning of hollow instruments

Wash cabinet

Wash cabinet made from high quality stainless steel

Circulation pumps

High performance circulation pump Qmax. 105 gal/min

Dispensing systems

1 dispenser in the door for powder detergent
1 dispenser in the door for liquid media (rinsing agent)
1 integrated dispenser pump for neutralizing agent
1 connection for dispenser module DOS K60 or DOS G60 for liquid cleaning agent

Water softener

Profi monobloc water softener

Steam condenser

Efficient heat-exchange steam condenser


1 x cold water (CW)
1 x AD water (AD)
Waterproof system (WPS)

Electrical connection

AC 208V 60Hz
Fuse Rating [A]: 30
Total Rated Load [kW]: 6.0
Heater Rating [kW]: 5.4

Dimensions / weight

Dimensions H/W/D [inch]: 33.44/23.62/23.62
(Height without lid [inch]: 32.31)
Dimensions H/W/D [cm]: 85/60/60
(Height without lid [cm]: 82)
Weight [lbs]: 159

Optional Accessories

VE cartridges for final rinse with demineralized water
Dispenser modules for liquid media
12 inch high base for ergonomically loading or operating of the machine

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Miele G 7881 General Dentistery Package - Stainless Steel Washer-Disinfector

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