• Beaverstate RD-4250 Dental Unit
3 HP Automatic Rear Delivery
Wall Mounted Duo System with Pneumatic Brake Flex Arm

  • Doctors side = Three-handpiece automatic with syringe and air water controls

  • Side mount, recessed controls

  • System Purge feature flushes entire water system and replaces with clean water

  • Assistant’s side = Threew-way syringe,
    autoclavable S/E and HVE valves

  • Large work surface

  • Soft touch variable-speed foot control Options

  • Quick disconnects

  • 10” rigid arm extension

  • Storage organizer

  • Wall-mount water bottle system

  • HP Illumination system

  • Chip air or wet/dry foot control

  • Additional dry handpiece



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Beaverstate RD-4250 Dental Unit

  • $4,065.00