Lubricare Vs Lubrina




Lubrina cleans and purges handpieces, and a variety of other equipment, via a rapid air blow system. The speed of air flow has been substantially increased resulting in more power. It delivers superior performance in the same amount of time – just 25 seconds per handpiece. Lubrina also offers a long blow out mode, if needed, to help ensure proper maintenance and maximize service life.


  • ONLY unit that accepts multiple brands of spray
  • Allows two different sprays per cycle
  • Accommodates wide variety of attachments & handpiece types
  • Short and long mode options

Saves time & money

  • Uses only 1/3 the lubricant (compared to manual lubrication)
  • Services up to 4 handpieces in only 100 seconds
  • Protects your equipment, helps keep it running smoothly
  • 2-year warranty


  • Built-in chuck maintenance system**
  • Air suction system eliminates mist for clean operation

Lubrina is compatible with the following connections.

6-Pin Connection
4-Hole Connection
5-Hole Connection

* As of September 2007
** For Morita instruments only

CAPACITYUp to 4 instruments per cleaning cycle
LENGTH OF THE CLEANING CYCLE25 seconds per cleaning cycle, per instrument. Choice of 2 cleaning/lubrication modes: Normal mode and intensive mode
TYPE OF INSTRUMENTTurbines, contra-angles and handpieces
MAINTENANCECleaning and lubrication
CONSUMPTION5 times more economical than manual maintenance, Lubricare allows 400 maintenance cycles with 1 bottle of Spraynet and 1 bottle of Lubrifluid
EXTRACTION SYSTEMAn extraction system removes the oil vapours. A collector absorbs the excess lubricant, to ensure a cleaner working area and improved hygiene.
LUBRICANT DETECTORA lubricant detector monitors the status of the system and detects low lubricant levels
CONNECTIONCompatible with Type E coupling as per ISO 3964 and 4- or 5-way turbine coupling
VOLTAGEAC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
AIR FLOW RATE40~60 Nl/min
WEIGHTApprox. 10 kg
DIMENSIONS (INCLUDING THE COLLECTOR)Width 300 x height 370 x depth 300 mm
SPRAYNET REF.SPRAYNET 1600036-006 Cleaning spray.500 ml bottle. Box of 6
LUBRIFLUID REF.LUBRIFLUID 1600064-006 Lubricating spray. 500 ml bottle. Box of 6

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