• Microbelift Evacuation Cleaner

1 - Evacuation cleaner gallon, 6 Gallons per case


The MICROBE-LIFT/EVAC can reduce or eliminate the incidence of blockages in drain lines from evacuation systems by getting to the core of the problem. 

Specially formulated for Evacuation Systems. This highly concentrated gallon contains the highest microbial count in the market today. MICROBE-LIFT/EVAC is very economical to use.

While MICROBE-LIFT/EVAC cannot breakdown amalgam, a mercury alloy or reacted molding (while many of the monomers or reagents can be broken down, once reacted, molded materials are relatively inert and not amenable to biological treatment) it can break down the proteins, blood, mucoproteins, etc. in the mucus and saliva which forms the matrix that binds the other particulates that go down the drain, resulting in a clog.


  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Eliminated odors naturally
  • Significantly reduces interior cleaning of your evacuation system
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Opens up problem systems and keeps them free-flowing
  • Dissolves organic tissue, coagulated blood and saliva
  • Can be used in cuspidors or directly through high and low speed evacuation systems
  • Safe and beneficial if you are on a cesspool or if you have a septic system

MICROBE-LIFT/EVAC contains added enzymes

Makes 64 Gallons of Diluted Product

Non Foaming

Contains a pleasant citrus fragrance

With regular use, MICROBE-LIFT/EVAC will form a protective bio-film inside drain pipes, eliminating build-up as it occurs.

Note: Please be advised that this product will retain its integrity up to 145°F and even after thawing if frozen.

Contains no fillers (bran or wheat) like powered products or tablets. Fillers only add to your clogging problems.

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Microbelift Evacuation Cleaner

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