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  • Buffalo Dental Laser Pinsetter


Laser Pinsetter
High Performance, Heavy Duty Laser Pinsetter From A Proven Leader in Laboratory Products and Supplies Made in USA! The Buffalo Dental Laser Pinsetter provides the ideal method for drilling dowel pin holes in dental models. Precise drilling location is displayed by a state-of-the-art laser beam positioned above the worktable and in perfect alignment with the drill bit.

● Upright or Sit-Down Use- Ergonomic design allows operation in convenient standing or seated position

● Automatic High Speed Drilling- Easy to use and allowsfor productive, high volume pin drilling w/ 1/8” ID Chuck

● Laser Light Beam Alignment- Indicates exact location of drill bit and assures precision

● Heavy Duty Construction- Protects drill motor and helps provide a long working life


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Buffalo Dental Laser Pinsetter